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Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project

Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project

Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project
Reviving a National Glory
Ampawa District, Samut Songkhram Province




The beginning of the Rattanakosin Kingdom witnessed a bustling riparian community of Bangchang along the Ampawa canal, a small tributary of the Mae Klong River.  Known as the birth place of King Rama II of the House of Chakri, Bangchang was also famous for tasty fruits, seafood and handicrafts, and home to famous Thai artists. The Bangchang Market also served as a important center of commerce for the Mae Klong River Basin.  Later, the name Bangchang was replaced with Ampawa.


Living on the Canal

Local livelihoods of the Ampawa Community had been significantly influenced by the canal. Those dwelling in the northern part of the area made their living through high-grade orchards, and for those in the southern part, salt works and shrimp farms became their main sources of income. Together with local wisdom, they had led peaceful and content lives.


The Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project

Serving as the reminiscence of the past, the Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Conservation Project today has become a center of collaboration to conserve and develop Thai traditions on which the Ampawa residents have had pride themselves. The implementation is focused on local participation with the Chaipattana Foundation as a planner and facilitator to ensure cultural conservation and social development on the path of self-reliance and sustainability.

Because the cultural heritage at the Ampawa riparian community is not intended to be kept alive merely within the local community, the Project has been promoted as a destination for ecotourism for both Thai and foreign visitors. The project area is arranged into five sections:

Community Shops



For more information please contact:

Office of the Chaipattana Foundation in Bangkok at Dusit Palace

Tel: 02 282 4425-8 ext. 116


Ampawa-Chaipattananurak Project

Ampawa District, Samut Songkhram Province

Tel: 034 752 199

Mobile: 086 677 3421