All the Thais have been well aware of and have fully realized that His Majesty the King is the center of love and loyalty of the people from all walks of life. Through the years, His Majesty has devoted His strength, wisdom, time and financial support, as well as worked and taken part in activities for the development of the country and assistance to the deprived. However, the implementation of development projects, at times, faces some restrictions such as budget constraints, procedural problems etc., which therefore desenabled them to consistently serve the needs of the people according to the urgency required. 

His Majesty the King, therefore, initiated the establishment of the Chaipattana Foundation, aiming to help His people through development activities in various forms were help can also be given in other ways that truly benefit the people and that are not affected by time constraint. 

The Chaipattana Foundation was officially registered as a juristic entity at the Ministry of Interior under the registration number 3975 on June 14, 1988 and the registration was made public in the Royal Gazette, no. 105, section 109 on July 12, 1988. 

The objectives of the Chaipattana Foundation are as follows 

To support the implementation of Royally-initiated and other development projects. 

To promote the development of social and economic welfare activities to improve the quality of life of the people and to enable them to become self-reliant. 

To carry out  plans or projects that are beneficial to the people and the country as a whole. 

To co-operate with the government sector and other charity organizations for public benefit or to take action that reinforce support of public welfare. 

To carry out activities without political involvement. 

   The Chaipattana Foundation focuses on development activities that are not repetitions of government projects; it tries to promote and co-ordinate the implementation of various projects for effectiveness, promptness and relevance. Particular attention is given to governmental projects that are restricted by rules and regulations, which cause a delay in the immediate implementation of project activities. An example can be seen of the case of the Chaipattana Foundation assistance to relocate households and villagers from a particular area in order to be able to launch an urgent project. The Foundation assists in allocating resources for the resettlement programme to provide the neccessary means for the community to be capable of earning their livelihood as well as conducting training for occupational development. Another aspect of establishing resettlement is to integrate development programmes to increase income and the standard of living of the people by promoting the community's awareness of the value of protecting forest and by encouraging the people to participate in reforestation activities. 

      The above examples can be regarded as advancement in the country's development methods, having the Chaipattana Foundation acting as a juristic entity, to co-ordinate and support all the development projects of the government to make them work harmoniously, and to enable those with particular problems can continue operating for the greatest benefit of the people and the country. 

   Donation made to the Chaipattana Foundation is tax deductible for the year the donation are made. 
Please contact : 

     1. Office of the Chaipattana Foundation's Secretary-General, Chaipattana Building, Chitralada Palace or Office of the Chaipattana Foundation, Sanam Suepha, Sri Ayuttaya Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Tel. 66-(0)2-282-3338, Fax. 0-2282-3339

     2. Secretary-General (Mr. Sumet Tantivejkul) Tel. 66-(0)2-282-3344 

     3. Treasurer (Mr. Pimonsak Suvanathat) Tel. 66-(0)2-282-3338
Note: 1. Donations made in the form of a postal check should be paid to the order of the Chaipattana Foundation, P.O. Box Chitralada Bangkok 10300 
2. Incase you wish to transfer money through the bank, please transfer the money through the Siam Commercial Bank, Chitralada Branch, account name: Chaipattana Foundation and account number : 067-2-00011-9. Also, please send a copy of the transfer slip along with your name and address to the Office of the Chaipattana Foundation, Sanam Suepha, Sri Ayuttaya Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, or by Fax at 0-2282-3339

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